How Else Can I Promote Myself?


How to start marketing

So the time has come where I have looked into exactly how I was going to market The Right Gift.

I have created the website, but have absolutely no idea how to get it seen.

From doing a bit of research it seems like getting myself seen on the above platforms is a good idea.

With that in mind alongside my website, I have created a Facebook page, Instagram page and just recently started using Pinterest.


It was quite exciting to get my first milestone of 100 followers on Instagram and Facebook. It seems like a nice steady start.

Initially I joined some local business pages and people seem to post a lot of like for like or follow for follow posts. This seemed a good idea at first yet have since found out this is apparently quite damaging for your business. Instead of boosting your custom it only boosts you ego. I have to rethink my strategy.

Today was about setting up Pinterest. Again I have literally no idea what I’m doing. I’ve created a few posts and in a few hours it resulted in a bit of traffic to my website.

I will keep you updated on how that goes.

Verifying my website with google and Bing etc prooved troublesome

After about an hour of banging my head against my keyboard, I’ve managed to work it out. But what does verifying my website mean? I literally have no idea! I was told to do it, so I’ve done it.

The other minefield is Google ad words and google analytics! I have the app installed on my phone, there is a bit of data on there, now I need to spend time to decipher what this actually means for my business.

Is it useful? does anyone else use it?

There is literally so much to keep up with I feel like my head is spinning.

Google my business, never heard of it… After waiting about a week for a verification code to come through the post I finally got that and was able to put myself live and managed to hook my website up to it.

No reviews! My fingers are crossed. As I have said before I am not the patient kind. I have put various posts on, but are they getting interest? No idea! beginning to wonder what I’ve got myself into. Watch this space.

Bing places, not a fan of that. Just going to move on.

I also have Yelp, and Yell.

Has anyone noticed that Yell take an age to do anything? I thought the internet was a here and now service.

In this day and age why does it take them 24 hours to verify my posts? Lord knows, but I will persevere.

Tried added myself to something called Fiverr. Not getting a lot of joy from that at the moment, but then its difficult as I cant really market a physical object.

Anyway if you fancy following my pages here they are:

And its The Right Gift on Pinterest. (literally don’t know how to send you there)

If I have missed anything or anywhere I can advertise I would love to know about it, I am sure the possibilities are endless.

Here is a little bit about what I do, please take a look and click here

Thanks xxx

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Hi, I am 36 and have been married for 10 years to my husband Steve. We have 4 Children which can be challenging to say the least. Shopping of any kind is my passion, it gives me a buzz like no other. I love receiving gifts, but most of all I love giving gifts, and this is where the idea for my business came from. My best friend has always told me I have a knack for always finding the perfect present for anyone. She often would take me with her to shop for her children's birthdays and Christmas. I thought I would take the plunge and make my passion my business.

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