Are you stuck for a gift?

Are you stuck for a gift?

Can finding the Right Gift for your friends and loved ones really be that difficult?

Apparently the answer to that is yes. I often speak to people who are just tired of giving gift cards and cash, as it seems some what impersonal.

There are people out there that don’t have the time to search through the internet because of work and various different commitments.

Or it is often a case of ”What can I get the person who has everything?’ ”I am sick to death of giving socks and chocolates”

Considering this is what I have chosen to do for my profession, I find it really ironic that the one person I struggle to find anything for is my husband. With Fathers Day coming up, he has given me a helping hand and sent some links, but if I go ahead and buy those (from the children of course) am I being defeated?

Thoughts please 🙂

Oh and P.S Luckily I am very good at what I do for every other single person on the planet I’ve searched for, so if you need me to find something wonderful for you, please get in touch below on my social media.



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Hi, I am 36 and have been married for 10 years to my husband Steve. We have 4 Children which can be challenging to say the least. Shopping of any kind is my passion, it gives me a buzz like no other. I love receiving gifts, but most of all I love giving gifts, and this is where the idea for my business came from. My best friend has always told me I have a knack for always finding the perfect present for anyone. She often would take me with her to shop for her children's birthdays and Christmas. I thought I would take the plunge and make my passion my business.

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