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So today has been one of those days where working with kids has been difficult.

I have a son who is 4 in 9 days time, and how does he know this? because I stupidly encourage the countdown to it.

I also have an 15 month old daughter and a 14 year old son.

The beginning of my day

My day starts with the 4 year old Harry, throwing his own duvet on top of me in my own bed.

He has a demented look on his face as I peer at him through squinted eyes.

To my surprise, and this always does surprise me, he kisses me on the head and says ” I want my breakfast now, its time to get up ”

It’s probably 5.00am in the morning!

I ask him to give me 5 more minutes, which he does, and remind him not to go in and wake his sister (which he often does)

I manage to drift back off to a semi conscious sleep, when all of a sudden I now have a duvet and my I pad on top of me.

Harry wants the latest app on Kidopia.

They are all the same, just different animals to colour in.

You get the first 4 animals free and then you get charged £1.99 for the remaining animals, which are of course always the best ones.

I have managed to sit up by now, still squinty eyed, and I can hear Sophie the 15 month old babbling away.

It would seem he didn’t take my advice and did wake his sister.

To speed up the process of waking me up, Harry has now passed me my glasses which I HAVE to put on and he is dragging me towards the toilet so I can wee, get his sister, and go and make breakfast.

Its about half past 5 by now yet feels like half the day has passed me by.


Much to Harrys delight we are now downstairs.

My husband has this amazing ability to drag out getting up, which gives me time to make the coffee, sort the breakfast and change Sophie’s nappy.

He then appears miraculously when all the jobs are done. Not that it matters, by this time i am wide awake.

So Harry wants to try a pancake with Maple syrup on it.

After maybe a minutes worth of arguing with him that he really wont like it, I give in and make it.

He takes 2 bites and tells me he is full, yet would like some grapes in a bowl, cut up.

Sophie is easy, she sits in her highchair and just eats whatever I give her, but then she can’t talk properly yet.

I can only imagine she is quietly taking in the exchanges that happen on a daily basis between Harry and I.

So…..Harry has grapes, and I am now keen to see if anyone has sent me a message on Facebook for The Right Gift and see how many people I have reached with my posts.

Working with kids is tough.

Social media

I check out Instagram.

The morning time is always the right time to think about what my post for the day is going to be.

I am well chuffed to see that my Pinterest page, has reach over 2000 people.

I only set it up yesterday!

Not bad going! Maybe I am getting the hang of all this marketing!

Harry is now back on my case.

HIS I pad has run out of charge, because I didn’t charge it for him last night. So now he needs to use MY phone.

The I pad now belongs to me again, because it is out of charge and my phone is in his sights. But he is not even 4.

What about some toys, or a book to read? Yet we end up settling on Tele.

Its Jake and the sodding Neverland pirates for the 400th time.

But at least I still have my phone.

So the morning moves on with the usual battle to get dressed and not have a PJ day and saying no to the request for 6 different snacks before lunch.

Sophie has a sleep about 10am which means there is only one to contend with and the 14 year old hasn’t got up yet to do his home school work.

5 minutes to myself

Today I’ve decided that I’m going to try and build an App.

How hard can that be?

Well as it happens its not too difficult but took up a fair bit of my time, and it is in progress.

I will let you know how it goes.

In-between that I have checked my google analytics and my google ads probably too many times to make sure I am getting the right interest.

This feels ok for now. Working with kids is more difficult than I thought it would be.

This afternoon we were due a thunderstorm, and we did have a small one, but you would think someone had possessed the children.

Before the thunder even came they were running round screaming, shouting and being generally more manic than usual.

I thought it was just animals that could sense the thunder, but obviously not!

Nothing to report on tea time, apart from everyone ate without a fuss, Win Win.

Bedtime Woohoo

Anyway, they are in bed now and the 14 year old is playing Fortnite, complaining to me about his Ping.

Apart from that and his constant need for food, he is a good boy and never gives me any trouble.

He is also a saint with Harry and Sophie most of the time.

So here I am tapping away on the laptop, NOT working with kids anymore.

There is a crime series called Snapped on the tele, to see if I resemble any of the people on it. (luckily I don’t)

I have a cup of tea, because I don’t have wine, and 2 paracetamol because my head is bloody killing me.

And that is just a short look into one of my days.

Does anyone else struggle working with kids? Or just have days like this?

Highlight of the day

The Highlight of my day: I was talking to my friend yesterday about air fryers, she has one, and she said they are the best thing ever.

Apparently you can cook just about anything in them.

Well, I had a cheeky delivery from Amazon today, and this gorgeous friend of mine had sent us our own air fryer.

She has a heart a of gold. Total Lockdown love at its finest.

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