5 top tips for how to give a gift.

The inspiration of my how to give a gift blog today has come from my 4 year old Son Harry.

Like many others, he is spending his birthday in a lockdown situation.

His birthday is next Thursday 25th June. We would normally fill the house with friends and family.

Obviously not being able to do this at the moment, I have had to think outside the box on how to keep him busy for the day.

In doing so, it made me think of some really cool ways to give gifts to people so I thought I would share with you.

Give a gift idea number one

Present Treasure Hunt
treasure hunt gift idea

This is the idea I have chosen for Harry.

Why not give clues to where your gifts are going to be?

Everyone has various places around the house that are easy to hide a gift. You can give clues for each present and send your child on a hunt around the house.

Sometimes looking for the gift can be more exciting than the gift itself.

You can either give clues for each location, or you could leave the clue for the next present with each one they find.

Because of the lockdown situation we find ourselves in, I am asking all Harry’s friends and family to do a little video message, along with a riddle to find the gift.

I’m going to drip feed the videos all day so that it keeps him busy, and it gives him a chance to play with any toys he may be lucky enough to get.

Some of my clues

Things go inside me when dirty but come out clean, you’ll find your surprise in…. The Washing Machine

When I’m hungry feed me some bread, after I pop bring on the spread …. Toaster

While you are up and walking around, go to the place where you go to lay down … Bed

You can have some fun coming up with your own, or have a look on Google or Pinterest for some fab ideas.

The great thing about this is it can be used for kids as well as Adults.

Give a gift idea number two

Balloon Notes
give a gift in a balloon

Never over look balloons. Not only do they look pretty for occasions but they can also be used to your advantage.

Make a note or card, cut into different pieces.  

Place each piece into a balloon, blow it up, and give them a balloon bouquet.  

The recipient has to pop all the balloons and put the words together to read what their gift is. 

You can then have the gift hidden in a different location for them to find.

Give a gift idea number three

Puzzle pieces
puzzle gift giving idea

This is one of my favourites.

Again it is fun for any age and can be made as simple as difficult as you like.

Draw a picture or if you aren’t particularly arty you can print one.

 This picture or photo can be a word, a clue or an image of the gift itself.

 Cut the picture into around 15 – 20 pieces, similar to a jigsaw puzzle.  (anymore could than 15 to 20 could be tricky)

Present the puzzle pieces as the gift and they need to put the puzzle back together.  

Gift idea number four

Gift in a Gift

So the next idea is a classic.

I did this for my 14 year old last year.

He wanted an iphone for his 13th birthday, and I had said no all along.

If I had just wrapped up the present he would have guessed it right away.

I found a box about the size of a microwave, and various smaller and smaller boxes to fit inside each other.

Each one was wrapped. I think we managed to wrap it up 10 times before he finally got to the gift itself.

To spice things up a bit as well, the only way he could unwrap the next box, was to win a game of higher or lower against my husband.

It went on for about an hour, but the look on his face was worth the wait.

He still talks about it now.

Gift idea number five

The Stranger

This one is probably best for adults only.

You don’t want to be encouraging your children to accept gifts from strangers.

If you know your partner knows you well, and thinks they can read you like a book, this one is for you.

Get someone else to give your gift. They wont be expecting it, and will be a great way to genuinely surprise them.

I find it works best with someone they dont know, because it can catch them off guard. So try and think about the setting.

Maybe if you are out for a meal, you could have a word with the waiter before hand, and they could present it for you?

Or if you are out for drinks, you could speak to the bar staff.

If you want to keep it more family orientated, maybe get the kids to give it for you, or perhaps a family pet. (if they don’t try and eat it first)

I hope you enjoyed my ideas, if you are stuck for a gift for your friends or loved ones please check out my website.

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