Pros and Cons of Gift Cards

Pros and Cons

My blog today is based on the pros and cons of giving gift cards.

The Right Gift is based on taking the hassle out of shopping online for gifts.

There are many people out there who dont know what to buy someone, or end up just giving cash or gift cards because they dont know what else to do.

My belief is that gift cards and cash are the easy way out.

Here are some pros and cons of giving gift cards and cash.



Did you know there was a study conducted that shows that 25% of gift cards that are given are never used?

Don’t le your gift be part of that statistic and let us find The Right Gift. Click here to Check out my website

According to the survey

58 percent of those surveyed said they did not use their gift cards because they didn’t have time to go the store or shop online.

35 percent said they couldn’t find anything to buy

32 percent said that they either lost the gift card or forgot that they had it.

But do those numbers show that giving a gift card is a bad idea?

In my opinion YES absoloutely, however ….

Many people receive gifts that they never wear, use, display, play or that they exchange for something else. 

At the Right Gift, our aim is to not let that happen, which is why we are the best at sourcing the best gift ideas.

So lets start with the Pros

pros of gift cards
  1. People can choose what they want to buy.
  2. The cost of sending gift cards is a lot less than the cost of sending packages.
  3. The person receiving the gift card can get more for their money by shopping with gift cards during peak sale times. (IF they have the time)

Cons of giving gift cards

cons for giving gift cards
  1. Gift cards are easy to lose.
  2. Gift cards appear to be impersonal.
  3. Retailers may go out of business before a card is used

Online Options for Unwanted Gift Cards

There is no reason for someone to get stuck with an unwanted gift card.

There are services that will buy unwanted gift cards for a portion of a card’s value. and Cardcash are companies which provide services where you can sell, trade or buy discounted gift cards.

The services determine the amount to be paid based on the popularity of the card that is being sold and both sites sell gift cards at a discount.

This is a good for people who often shop at the same store and want to maximize their savings.

But do you really want the gift you are giving to end up being traded in?

That’s why I do what I do.

Don’t let your gift become a statistic or a trade in.

Let us do the hard work for you and find a gift that really means something, and that people will want to keep.

We offer a service at a very competivie rate. it is just £10 for us to source 5 gift ideas for you to choose from, tailored to the recipient.

To go ahead just click this link and we will be in touch right away.

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Hi, I am 36 and have been married for 10 years to my husband Steve. We have 4 Children which can be challenging to say the least. Shopping of any kind is my passion, it gives me a buzz like no other. I love receiving gifts, but most of all I love giving gifts, and this is where the idea for my business came from. My best friend has always told me I have a knack for always finding the perfect present for anyone. She often would take me with her to shop for her children's birthdays and Christmas. I thought I would take the plunge and make my passion my business.

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  1. Interesting points. I had received gift cards as well but was not able to use it because it could only be used for limited branches, which defeats the purpose of “convenience”. Thanks for sharing this!

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