DIY Last minute Father’s Day gift ideas

Last minute gift ideas – Are you that person with sweaty palms who realizes they have just left Fathers day till the last minute?

Don’t panic, as I have some last minute Father’s Day DIY gift ideas.

DIY gift idea number one
scrabble tiles for last minute fathers day gift idea photo frame.

Do you have a game of scrabble you never use? How about a do it yourself scrabble tile frame?

You can spell out your family name, or perhaps your dads name and yours?

Either way its a super thoughtful, quick idea that can be a lifesaver. It also has the bonus of being a highly thoughtful and creative gift. Give it a go!!

DIY gift idea number two

DIY Bottle Tags

blank gift tag for last minute fathers day gift

This is a fab idea if you really are struggling, and you are short on time.

DIY Bottle Tags

Get yourself out to the shop and buy your dads favourite bottle of wine, beer or whisky. Then you can design your own unique messages and decorate in your own style.

This is sure to make your dad smile on his special day.

Gift idea number three
Building memories Jar
decorative glass jars
duplo lego bricks for last minute fathers day messages

This is a fab idea if you have younger kids.

Get raiding the toy box and find out some of their duplo or lego blocks.

You can have fun helping them come up with fun activities that they want to do with their dad.

Fishing, Golf, a game of catch, watching a movie. The list can be whatever you want.

Write the ideas in marker on the lego bricks, and place in the jar, then decorate with some ribbon, or maybe paint the jar.

You and your dad can then pick an idea and do the activity on the brick.

Gift idea number four
DIY mug
plain white mug
child covered in paint

Time to get crafty!

Why not get the paints out, and let the kids make dad a mug?

Have a look in the cupbaords if you dont have time to pop to the shops and let the kids decorate their own picture or message for dad.

It gives a real personal touch, and I guarantee it will turn into dads favourite coffee mug.

Gift idea number five
Decorate Cookies
decorative cookies

If you really are leaving things late, this one is perfect.

Decorate some cookies. Maybe cut them into letters to spell out DAD or just decorate with colourful sweets.

Either way he will love them, and its a perfect after sunday lunch treat. Maybe he’ll share them with you if youre lucky.

I hope you enjoyed my ideas, and a Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there for tomorrow.

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