Weird and Whacky Gifts

This is a good short read if you are looking for some weird and whacky gifts for someone in your life.

The Right Gift is a company I run that specializes in finding the right gift for any occasion tailored to the recipient.

I get asked to find all manner of gifts for all kinds of different people, occasions and all different budgets.

I thought it would be fun to share some of the weird and whacky gifts that are out there to purchase. They won’t be to everyone’s taste but they are fun, interesting and somewhat pointless.

Weird and whacky gifts number 1

Real Insect Necklace

weird and whacky gifts real insect necklace

Yes its real, you can actually buy these here

If you know someone who fancies having an insect hanging from their neck, then this is the gift for you.

Creepy or cool? they wont be for everyone but certainly an unusual purchase.

Gift number 2

Breast Milk Lollypops

whacky gift idea breast milk lollypops

Yep, that’s right! you can buy breast milk flavored lollypops.

Do you know someone who wants to recapture their youth?

Probably, but they probably don’t want to go that far back.

These lolly’s have been created by a company called Lollyphile and as quoted by them “it was our responsibility to find out just what this flavor was that could turn a screaming, furious infant into a placid, contented one,” and then turn it into a lollipop that hopefully tastes less gross than it sounds. 

The good news is they don’t actually contain real breastmilk, they are a vegan lollypop. and you can get 4 for $8 I believe. Check it out here

Gift idea number 3

Cat toilet training kit

cat toilet training kit

This is a must for the cat crazy friend or relative in your life.

Say goodbye to litter trays, as long as you don’t mind sharing your throne with your feline friend.

Do you have any cat mad friends? if so this may just make their year.

There are many different ones available, but amazon have one here

Crazy idea number 4

Luminol Spray

sink sprayed with luminol spray

Do you have the friend or family member that’s a complete clean freak?

Maybe they just love CSI and have always wanted to check their own home out to see what ‘Stains’ have been left behind.

If that is the case, this is the perfect unusual pressie for them. You need a UV light for it to show up though, and don’t let them blame you for what they might find.

Idea number 5

Golf club urinal

golf club urinal, weird and whacky gift idea

Never get caught short on the course again with the golf club urinal.

If you have that obsessive golfer in your life, why not treat them to this special club.

Tell them all the pros use them. They will be the envy of their golf club.

However if you aren’t feeling this adventurous and are still stuck for ideas, check out my website and let us do the searching for you. Just £10 for 5 gift ideas tailored to the recipient. Click Here

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