Christmas in July

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Christmas in July is a day where people like to get together and party like its Christmas.

It is not an official holiday. But people want to celebrate this day as just another holiday.

Christmas in July is normally celebrated on 25th or 28th July.

History of Christmas in July

When exactly was Christmas in July Started?

No one really knows exactly when it started, but can be traced back to the 80s.

Believed to be started in Europe. The People of Europe wanted to celebrate Christmas in summer.

When I think of Christmas, I think of cold frosty days, roaring fires and hot chocolate.

This is why the hotter places of the world use July as a time to celebrate, as they want that feeling too.

How to celebrate Christmas in July

Christmas scene with church in background

Anyone who chooses to celebrate Christmas in July would do so just how you or I celebrate it in December.

Families from all over choose to get together on this day.

It has the added bonus of allowing people to take longer holidays in the summertime as its easier to do so.

All the delicious comforting foods we enjoy can be purchased and shared with families. Decorations can be put up, and traditions celebrated.

Christmas gift shops that recognize this day tend to do quite well in the summer.

This is mainly because when December is over this can be a quiet time of year for them.

Having Christmas in July can give a welcome income boost at what would otherwise be another quiet time of year.

The countries that celebrate Christmas in July the most tend to be Australia and New Zealand.

Sovereign Hill, Balart

Sovereign Hill Winter Wonderland Christmas in July

The town gets completely decorated with Fairy lights and looks absolutely magical.

A fairy tale city is the right word to describe the city of Balart and is one of the most romantic places to celebrate Christmas time.

If you are a massive lover of Christmas time, this is the place to visit. They normally celebrate in June and July.

Movies released:

Disney World Florida

Media is the first source of creating awareness of Christmas In July.

There are several movies about Christmas, which were published in July to support the idea of celebrating it in July. There are many examples of movies like Holiday Inn, and Disney’s the lady in the tramp.

I know here in the UK we often have Christmas films being played on channel 5 and channels such as True Christmas, or Christmas 24 never disappoint and usually help to bring the hype.


There is some conflict with people celebrating Christmas in July.

Some people believe that it goes against Christianity traditions as December 25th is the marked day for celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Some people believe its a huge disrespect to the religion to celebrate on any other day.

People who are all for it state that Christmas can be celebrated at any time of year to suit their needs, and that the birth of Jesus is not known anywhere, so celebration should be free for all whenever they choose.


Christmas in July Presents in a sack

People do exchange gifts on this day just as you would on Christmas day and spend time with friends and family. This is especially true in Australia.

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Offical Dates

There are no official dates to celebrate Christmas in July, you can literally do it whenever you fancy.

Australia celebrate it on May to July.

The 25th July and 28th July are well known dates to celebrate Christmas in July.

My View on Christmas in July

Every year I pester my husband to celebrate Christmas in July with me, and every year I fail.

He refuses to let me put up decorations, he says it takes away from the true magic of Christmas time when its meant to be celebrated.

I like to keep on and try and get my way, but I think I am secretly happy not to celebrate at any other time other than December.

Do you celebrate Christmas in July?

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  1. Loved this post! My family sometimes does Christmas in July (because we normally celebrate Christmas during summer as we are in South Africa) but I never knew much about the history so thanks xx All in all though, any excuse for something Christmassy is fine by me as it’s my favourite time of the year 🙂

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