The Best Gifts I’ve Ever Received

I thought I would share with you some of the best gifts I’ve ever received.

We all love receiving gifts, but I love finding them and giving them, which is why I do the job I do.

Here is my list of the best gifts I have ever received. Maybe they will inspire you for gift ideas for friends and loved ones.

13th Birthday

Flip Phone

At 13, I was desperate for a mobile phone.

Being a huge film buff my whole life, things were no different at thirteen.

I had fallen in love with the Motorola flip phone.

It was the one that was always being show cased in all the movies in the 90’s.

At the time, mobile phones were not massively used. I didn’t know who I was going to call, barely knew how to text, and nor did anyone else at the time.

But I wanted it, and for my 13th birthday (around 23 years ago) I was lucky enough to receive it. It was my pride and joy for ages, even though I never received any phone calls.

18th Birthday Best Gifts

New York Skyline

For my 18th birthday we had a big trip planned to go to New York, having wanted to go for as long as I could remember.

The plan was to hit the shops, hire a limo, stay in the same hotel from Home Alone 2 and do all the usual site seeing.

Sadly we never got to go, because it was very close to the tragic time the twin towers fell.

Definitely since made up for it and been 3 times, it is my favorite place in the world to visit.

Rolex Watch best gift idea

Instead of New York, which was my ultimate gift ever, my parents decided to buy me a Rolex Watch instead. Not a bad substitute.

I have to say I still have and it looks the same as the day I got it.

21st Birthday

Harley Davidson Jacket, best gift idea

For my 21st birthday I got an amazing Harley Davidson jacket, very similar to this one.

Never been a biker, never ridden a motorcycle, but for some reason, I wanted this jacket.

Sadly lost my jacket to my husbands ex girlfriend years ago.

Still makes me mad to this day.

It was lent to her when we were friends years ago , and she never gave it back. She still has it, as I see her wearing it occasionally.

We get on quite well now, so I could probably ask for it back.

Its just gone on so long I cant bring myself to ask. Nevertheless, very cool present.

Christmas at 12

Video Camera

Growing up, I wanted to be a film maker, so there was a lot of pestering to my mum about it.

I gave up asking as it seemed the impossible, then one Christmas, I was presented with a camera, much like this one.

It’s Very different to how hand held they are now, or even probably non existent, as you can use you smart phone as a pretty good camera.

This one had to sit on your shoulder, was incredibly heavy, and looking back on it now, I don’t know how I managed it.

It used to record straight on to a VHS, which you could then put straight into the video player. Amazing!!

I never did become a film maker, but I got some cracking home videos, and had great fun annoying my brother, and filming my parents do various boring tasks around the home.

Games Consoles

Sega Mega Drive

Over the years I got various games consoles, I can remember getting the Sega mega Drive 2, and recall you could attach something to it which allowed you to play CDS and even some of the games were on a CD.

It didn’t really take off at the time though.

There was also the Nintendo with Duck Hunt plus the Game boy built like a brick which was black and white. You could play Tetris or Super Mario Bros and that was about it.

Christmas 2008 – Some of my Best Gifts

Porsche driving day, the best gift  ideas

For me this is probably the most memorable Christmas.

It was my first Christmas with my boyfriend, who I’m now lucky enough to be married to.

He went all out for me getting the best gifts.

He got me a Leather jacket, A Swarovski pendant, a lap top, a new phone, amongst other bits and pieces, and the most memorable for me which I loved doing to this day, was a Super Car experience.

It was so much fun. I got to drive a Ferrari, A Subaru, a Porsche 911, a Lamborghini, and an Aston Martin too.

If anyone is looking at this as a potential gift experience, I highly recommend it. It was one of the best gifts ever. You had the opportunity to buy pictures of you driving the cars too. Well worth it.

Dream Car

Orange Ford Focus ST best gift

When myself and my husband got together, he decided to treat me to a new car.

He had a Ford ST in white with blue stripes before we got together, and he knew it was my dream car.

Looking back he must have got a bit sick to death of me stealing it because he went to our local ford garage and got me the same car but in orange. It was amazing.

I am pretty sure if we hadn’t had kids, we would both still have our cars now.

We had to trade them in for something more sensible. We both still miss them to this day.

Please DO NOT return to Tiffany’s

Tiffany's Gift Box, always the best gifts

For my 35th Birthday, we went to London for a weekend.

I just so happened to see a Tiffany’s ring in Harrods which I absolutely fell in love with.

With no expectation whatsoever, I sent the picture to my mum to show her where I was.

She sent a message back to say my dad had put the money in the bank for me to treat myself to the ring for my birthday.

I was over the moon, and made the weekend that little bit more special, as I wasn’t expecting it at all.

The Best Gift I wanted but never got.

Mr. Frosty Ice Maker, the best gift

Mr. Frosty. was always the number one gift when growing up.

As an adult I think I understand why I didn’t get one now.

They were probably packed with E numbers and potentially a bit of a faff to set up.

It would have also more than likely been a 5 minute wonder. I still hold out hope every Christmas. No luck yet!

Amazingly you can still buy one from Smyths Toys for just £15.99, Click here if you want one as much as I did

When I started writing this blog, I didn’t expect to read back through, and realize just how lucky I have been.

I have received some truly fantastic presents over the years, some that many wouldn’t get in a life time.

I nearly edited this blog as at the beginning I was expecting to write down general ideas for you all, but I have just written the memorable things that came into my head.

Fortunate to say the least, I hope it doesn’t come across too extravagant.

Material items are not everything, and I am lucky enough to have a great family, and children who are happy and healthy, that is more important than anything.

Not gonna lie though, getting nice things now and again is an absolute bonus.

Don’t forget if you are looking for a gift for friends or loved ones, any budget, or any occasion, its what I do. Check out my website here

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