Christmas in July

Christmas in July is a day where people like to get together and party like its Christmas. It is not an official holiday. But people want to celebrate this day as just another holiday. Christmas in July is normally celebrated on 25th or 28th July. History of Christmas in July When exactly was Christmas in July Started?Continue reading “Christmas in July”

Top Ten most expensive gifts given in the world

I have always wondered what very rich people, buy for their loved ones. This got me thinking what the top ten most expensive gifts given in the world are. If you would like to check out my website for us to find a gift for any occasion, click here So this is what I’ve foundContinue reading “Top Ten most expensive gifts given in the world”

Pros and Cons of Gift Cards

Pros and Cons My blog today is based on the pros and cons of giving gift cards. The Right Gift is based on taking the hassle out of shopping online for gifts. There are many people out there who dont know what to buy someone, or end up just giving cash or gift cards becauseContinue reading “Pros and Cons of Gift Cards”