Weird and Whacky Gifts

This is a good short read if you are looking for some weird and whacky gifts for someone in your life. The Right Gift is a company I run that specializes in finding the right gift for any occasion tailored to the recipient. I get asked to find all manner of gifts for all kindsContinue reading “Weird and Whacky Gifts”

Top Ten most expensive gifts given in the world

I have always wondered what very rich people, buy for their loved ones. This got me thinking what the top ten most expensive gifts given in the world are. If you would like to check out my website for us to find a gift for any occasion, click here So this is what I’ve foundContinue reading “Top Ten most expensive gifts given in the world”

DIY Last minute Father’s Day gift ideas

Last minute gift ideas – Are you that person with sweaty palms who realizes they have just left Fathers day till the last minute? Don’t panic, as I have some last minute Father’s Day DIY gift ideas. DIY gift idea number one Do you have a game of scrabble you never use? How about aContinue reading “DIY Last minute Father’s Day gift ideas”

The gift of giving

We can find The Right Gift idea for any occasion. It doesn’t matter how large or how small the Gift idea might be. The service on offer is for a one off fee of just £10. For that price, we will find 5 gift ideas for you to choose from in your own time. SoContinue reading “The gift of giving”

Are you stuck for a gift?

Are you stuck for a gift? Can finding the Right Gift for your friends and loved ones really be that difficult? Apparently the answer to that is yes. I often speak to people who are just tired of giving gift cards and cash, as it seems some what impersonal. There are people out there thatContinue reading “Are you stuck for a gift?”

How Else Can I Promote Myself?

How to start marketing So the time has come where I have looked into exactly how I was going to market The Right Gift. I have created the website, but have absolutely no idea how to get it seen. From doing a bit of research it seems like getting myself seen on the above platformsContinue reading “How Else Can I Promote Myself?”